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How to select an online sportsbook for football betting

The most important thing establish is that you are in Canada.  There are some betting sites on the market but only a but only a few of them focus on the Canadian market by offering Canadian Dollar accounts and banking methods like Interac Email Transfer or other e-wallets providers that are easy for Canadians to access.  Why is this a key factor in selecting an online sportsbook you may ask?  If a sportsbook forces you to exchange your Canadian Dollars into a betting balance in British Pounds, Euros or US Dollars, you will lose a significant amount of your deposit value and any winnings you have due to currency exchange fees.  This is why you need to be sure you sign up with Canadian Dollar betting sites.  There is no need to pay such fees, you just have to know which betting services allow for all your interactions to be in Canadian Dollars - deposits, bets and withdrawals.  This might sound simple but I can tell you that there are large international sportsbook brands with famous spokespeople that advertise in the Canadian market, but they force you to exchange currencies to in order to play.  When you are ready to play, make sure you know the sportsbook will accept your native currency before signing up.  Don’t give away your cash for no reason, there are great options with Canadian Dollar football betting.

The second most important thing to establish is how frequently you see yourself using betting account.  This will aid you to understand whether or not any of the available free bet or deposit bonus offers provide you with added incentive.  If you see yourself as a casual player, betting perhaps once a week or whenever an intriguing game comes up, then perhaps you can pad your account to get the most out of your initial deposit.  However, if you see yourself betting quite frequently, several times a week, or even several times a day, you might consider registering with the betting site that consistently offers higher paying odds.  If you play a lot, the higher paying odds will add up over a short stretch of time and will be worth significantly more than any sign-up bonus ever could.  It really just boils down to delayed gratification.  If you’re going to be playing in the long term, go with the high odds from a reduced-juice sportsbook.

The third most important thing to consider is what sports on which you like to wager.  Every sportsbook that I list offers the typical betting types for football and most other sports.  These bet types are the moneyline, against the point spread and totals (over/under).  If these popular types of betting are all you care about, the only difference in the sportsbook offerings will be the lines and totals set and the odds pricing for each particular game.  However, I find that really hardcore fans of a particular sport tend to enjoy prop bets related to that sport.  When it comes to the football prop bets there is no standard offering unlike the popular bets mentioned above.  Each site has their own unique variety of what is offered and you can read about what they offer on my football prop betting page.

The fourth most important thing to consider in selecting a sportsbook is whether or not the company is reputable.  There are sportsbooks sites that try to scam their customers.  They essentially intend to steal from their bettors to varying degrees, by either refusing to payout or by operating in a manner that limits winning players from betting frequently or limits the amount they can bet.  Every one of the sportsbooks that I list have unsurpassed track records in terms of operating fairly and in terms of their payout record and all of them have been in business for a significant period of time.  

The final thing to consider will the method you decide to use to deposit money into your betting account.  There are many different options for this.  There are several methods like virtual credit cards and e-wallets (similar to PayPal) that let you transfer money from bank accounts or credit cards for very low fees.  You can buy what amounts to a gift card balance from a post office or gas station for use online like Ukash or PaySafeCard.  Simply redeem the code with the sportsbook on their deposit page. Of course their are other methods like bank transfers and credit cards that can be used directly with the sportsbook, but fees associated with this methods can be higher so you will pay for the convenience.  Most of the methods are common across all my listed sites, but some others are unique to a given sportsbook like Interac email transfer is only available with Bodog and EcoCard only available with Sports Interaction, so if you already have a payment method in mind, have a look and see which site accepts what deposit methods.

Quickly Compare the Top Football Betting Sites for people in Canada

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Bodog is one of the oldest brands in Canadian sports betting, founded in 1994. They’ve paid out over $50 billion to players, having never missed a payment.  They only accept Canadian players so you know they cater Canadian preferences.  Read the full review here.

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About My Football Betting Listings:

Why is my list so brief?  I only list the sportsbooks that I consider to be the best for Canadians.  I researched nearly 30 companies. If I ranked them all, would you sign up with sportsbook number 22?  Not a chance!

Thus, I keep things simple.  If a company doesn’t measure up against my Canadian perspective, they don’t get listed.

Why could a sportsbook fail to get listed?  A record of withholding bettor funds or placing limits on the accounts of winning players, not offering Canadian Dollar betting or not offering mobile wagering solutions.

Each listed company has satisfied my review criteria, but there are differences in their service offerings, so read the reviews and choose based on your own preferences and requirements, not some fake rating scheme.

If you like to compare football odds and lines to get the highest possible payout, it probably makes sense to register with more than one site so that you can maximise your winnings.  

Top Football Betting Sites Canada