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Football’s popularity in Canada has never been higher.  With satellite and cable TV packages, fans have access to view every single NFL and CFL game and huge selection of NCAA football games.  When it comes to wagering on these football leagues, a large number of Canadians have settled for playing provincial lottery sports betting games by buying tickets at their local stores rather than getting the best NFL odds and CFL odds they can get.  Although the lottery game names vary by province, they have one thing in common - they yield the lowest payouts in the current market.  If you like to bet on football, you could be winning 40% to 80% more more money with a reputable online sportsbook with the very same team selections - but with way better odds.

Switching to an online sportsbook makes so much sense, after all you shop and bank online securely to save time and money.  You can accomplish the same efficiencies when you bet online.  However, you need to select the right service based on your needs as a Canadian.  Most companies don’t cater to Canadians or football fans - they cater to the European and Asian markets where soccer is king.  I’ve researched nearly 30 of the most reputable online sportsbooks to identify which ones offer the best football betting experience for bettors in Canada.  I only list reputable, secure and established companies with great Canadian Dollar football betting offerings.

You’ll notice that my list of sites is in alphabetical order.  I’m not trying to steer you to one site over another.  I don’t use contrived star-ratings or grades.  I’ve seen these used elsewhere, and I can tell you they only serve the purposes of the review site itself, not you the reader.  I simply provide my research as unbiased as possible so that you may select the service(s) that are right for you based on your own preferences and requirements.  Hover your cursor over the navigation bar above to see all the topics that I cover.

Quickly Compare the Top Football Betting Sites for people in Canada

Are you interested in high limit football betting?

Each of the Canadian betting sites that we list accept the stakes of most football bettors.  However, I know that there are people with the wealth and the desire to push the limits of football betting with high stakes wagers.

Each sportsbook has a different betting limit structure. I explain each structure so you can select the service that will be able to take your action should you be in the high stakes betting category.  Read all about high-limit betting sites.

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Bodog is one of the oldest brands in Canadian sports betting, founded in 1994. They’ve paid out over $50 billion to players, having never missed a payment.  They only accept Canadian players so you know they cater Canadian preferences.  Read the full review here.

About My Football Betting Listings:

Why is my list so brief?  I only list the sportsbooks that I consider to be the best for Canadians.  I researched nearly 30 companies. If I ranked them all, would you sign up with sportsbook number 22?  Not a chance!

Thus, I keep things simple.  If a company doesn’t measure up against my Canadian perspective, they don’t get listed as one of the best Canadian betting sites for your purposes.

Why could a sportsbook fail to get listed?  A record of withholding bettor funds or placing limits on the accounts of winning players, not offering Canadian Dollar betting or not offering mobile wagering solutions.

Each listed company has satisfied my review criteria, but there are differences in their service offerings, so read the reviews and choose based on your own preferences and requirements, not some fake rating scheme.

If you like to compare football odds and lines to get the highest possible payout, it probably makes sense to register with more than one site so that you can maximise your winnings.

Legal Football Betting is Coming to Ontario in 2022

Online sports betting in Canada has changed in a big way when the federal government moved to allow single-event betting. Across the country, lottery betting brands can now offer proper betting. In Ontario, things are even better. Whether you want to bet on the CFL, NFL or NCAA, by early 2022 in Ontario consumers will have a nearly unprecedented level of choice in operators. Ontario will have more licensed and fully legal online sportsbook operators than any jurisdiction in the world.  With likely over 45 legal Ontario betting sites to be live at or near the time of market open in 2022, sports bettors in Canada’s most populous province will be very well-served.  

Players will have access to a fully tested set of products, those products will employ significant Responsible Gaming tools toward a safer experience, and the Government of Ontario will be able to reap the rewards in sharing a good deal of revenue with these partnered gaming companies. Previously, all profits to gaming companies would have left Canada.  Now, at least for Ontario, much of the revenue can stay at home.  Time will tell if other Canadian provinces look to follow Ontario’s lead on iGaming and sports betting regulation.

Why is football betting better with a reputable online sportsbook?

They accept your single game wager, as opposed to provincial lottery games which force parlays.

It’s happened to all of us.  It’s Sunday and you’ve won the first three games on your ticket.  Then on your last game, a late field-goal or pick-six ruins your winning ticket and quite possibly your day.  You can reduce these bad beats with when you bet on single games.  Football betting sites allow single game betting as well as parlays with better odds than the lottery games meaning you’ll win more money.  

They offer every type of football bet on every NCAA college football game.

The lottery sports games only offer wagering on a few NCAA football match-ups every week.  If you’re a football junky, you know that some of the biggest opportunities to make money are with the less popular teams where the odds makers are at a disadvantage.  They can handicap a match-up between two popular teams, but lesser known schools are tougher to handicap.  This is why the sports lottery games avoid placing them onto their weekly lists - too much uncertainty.  Leverage your knowledge of the game for your own profit with complete NCAA football betting.

Take advantage of the moving point spreads and over/under lines.

Lottery sports games must publish their point spreads and over/under lines and stick with them up until game time. Online sportsbooks move their lines one way or the other to suit the amount of money being wagered on the given game.  They want equal money on both sides.  But you’ve got your own thoughts on the games that you like.  If the total or spread moves in the direction you like, well you’ve got a situation to exploit.  If you like a favourite that opens at -3.5 points but the spread moves to -2.5 points, that’s a big deal and could be the difference between winning or losing your single or parlay bet.  

Open up your choices by wagering on partial game results, prop bets and futures.

Your provincial lottery games offer very few options that allow you to exploit your knowledge.  If you switch and start playing online, you can lay bets on partial game results like the end of each quarter.  You can lay a stake on football prop betting with regard to the game itself of on players within the game.  You can also play your hand at football futures betting where you can wager using Superbowl winner odds or Grey Cup winner odds well in advance fn who you think will win the respective Championship game come season’s end.

Cutting edge mobile and online gaming technology makes them far more convenient.

Do you hate having rushing over to the lottery retailer on Saturday or Sunday morning to get your ticket before your games start?  Save yourself some time!  Each of the football betting sites listed allow you to bet when you want, where ever you are with intuitive betting platforms for your computer or mobile device.  You can place your bet in moments with the click of your mouse or a tap of your mobile device.  Funding your account is also super easy.  Use Interac email transfer, your credit card or by any one of several easy to use online payment methods similar to PayPal.  You can read all about all about how to deposit funds into a betting account.

They allow you to bet live while the pigskin is still is being tossed around the gridiron - live.

Have you ever been too late to get your sports lottery game ticket?  That will never happen with our listed sites because they allow you to bet in play, while the game is ongoing.  This means that you’ll never miss a bet deadline, plus it can further enhance your enjoyment of the game because you can double up, or win back what you might lose.

Obviously there are some great reasons to switch to an online sportsbook for your football betting.

To help you understand the topic more, I have pages dedicated to exploring how free bet bonuses work when you sign up.  I explore the question: is online football betting legal in Canada?  I ask you questions to help you determine how to select an online sportsbook for football betting.  If you’d prefer using a site that allows football betting in French, I show you which services have a french language website in addition to English.

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Top Football Betting Sites Canada

Always on the go?  Make sure you can bet football from your mobile.

Each sportsbook listed below offers top-notch mobile football betting experiences that allow you to view current spreads, totals, odds, live football scores and place bets before the game, or live during the game - at the tap of your smartphone or tablet device.  Choose to access your account through your mobile internet browser or download the available apps.  Click below to find out more.

Do you want to compare football betting odds and lines at the best Canadian Sportsbooks?  I’ve made it easy for you with a page where you can view point spreads, totals and moneylines for NFL, CFL and NCAA football games.  

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